Nintendo of America is hosting a four-day event at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens in celebration of all things Donkey Kong.

Well, maybe not all things. Rather, the event is meant to celebrate the launch of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the 3DS.

Those who attend the event can score some hands-on time with the new game at 3D demo stations and possibly pick up a $5.00 GameStop coupon for the game which will be handed out at giveaways.

Polygon reports that the zoo's gorilla exhibit will be temporarily renamed the "Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D at Campo Gorilla Reserve" and that families will have the chance to get their photo taken with "a costumed Donkey Kong character".

This is bananas

Hosting a Donkey Kong event at the LA Zoo may seem a bit strange, but Nintendo has a history of high-profile release events for select 3DS games.

For example, Nintendo hosted a launch event for Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir last March at the haunted San Remo Hotel in San Francisco.

Those interested in checking out the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D event at the LA Zoo can do so from May 24 - 27. Admission to the Zoo is $17.00 for adults and $12.00 for children.

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