The much-discussed Abra-Ca-Bacon update for Rovio's Angry Birds Seasons has just gone live on the App Store and Google Play Store.

The standout feature of this fresh update? Gotta be the new magic portals mechanic, surely.

Alongside the portals, which suck in birds, pigs, and debris at one end and spit them out at the other, there are 30 new levels to get your teeth into. Oh, and six more unlockable stages for intrepid bird flingers.

The levels are all carnival themed and feature plenty of pigs to squish, magic hats to knock over, and secrets to uncover.

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There's also an all new power-up called the AllakaBAM in the Abra-Ca-Bacon update. AllakaBAM is a magic box that makes a habit of exploding when you hit it.

Abra-Ca-Bacon's portals were cryptically teased by Rovio in an adorable Vine video clip featuring plushy birds a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't seen that 6-second clip yet, click here.

You can get your fill of magic boxes and mystical portals right now by grabbing Angry Birds Seasons [buy] or Angry Birds Seasons HD [buy] from the App Store. Or you can get it for nothing from the Google Play Store [download].