Much like cricket fans wistfully reminisce about the sound of leather on willow, skateboarders often go misty-eyed over the sound of plastic wheels on concrete.

It's that sense of connection with a sport that Roll7 games is trying to tap into with its procedurally generated, side-scrolling endless-skater OlliOlli for Vita.

In OlliOlli, the South London studio blends the simple pick-up-and-play controls of the best endless-runners with the high score-chasing trick pulling of the Tony Hawk games.

Roll7 is naturally hoping that the end result is an infinite roller with a little more depth than your average entry in the genre.

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There are three different modes you can play through in OlliOlli.

Career is all about finding new spots, finishing challenges, and skating through "programmatically generated" stages.

In Spots mode, you can challenge your friends with high scores on the various locations you've uncovered in your career play.

Daily Grind, meanwhile, is a one-shot daily challenge in which you take on the world. Yes, the entire world.

Zone in

There are plenty of different obstacles to skate over, five different zones to skate through, and more than 100 different tricks to perfect on your way.

Roll7 is showing the game off at the Sony stand at E3 this year, and expects to release OlliOlli sometime later in the year.

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