Team Talks - our series of round-table discussions held over Skype - is back with a bang. Earlier today it all kicked off in the PG office, as several of the team weighed in on the pluses and minuses of the traditional portables from Nintendo and Sony. Heatedly.

The words you're about to read are mostly unedited, and the full range of topics includes...

- Is StreetPass pointless?
- Are all good Vita games remakes?
- Of the 3DS and Vita, which system comes out on top?

Below, you'll read a conversation on those three hot topics, starring Harry Slater, Mike Rose, Alex Beech, Mark Brown, and myself.

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Harry Slater: ... I always thought Animal Crossing was like Frogger or something...
Mike Rose: I get why Animal Crossing is popular, it targets a certain type of gamer. But it's just not for me, I need stuff to be actually, you know, happening. It's like Harvest Moon, except with more collecting and less fun.
Alex Beech: Not a StreetPass fan then?
Mike Rose: Haha I stopped using StreetPass a loooong time ago. What a completely wasted concept.
Mark Brown: StreetPass is rad. I got loads at a recent Nintendo event. Lots of new Fire Emblem battles to fight!
Alex Beech: Best thing on the system for me... I've only got 4 puzzle pieces left to collect.
Mark Brown: My puzzle collection is coming along too.
Mike Rose: Haha yeah, but that's the thing, you had to go to a Nintendo event to use it.
Mark Brown: You get them at Eurogamer Expo, you get them in cities.
Mike Rose: The only time I ever use it is at events, and even then I usually can't be arsed to lug my 3DS around with me. In day-to-day life it's pretty rubbish. For me, it's totally not worth lugging a brick around just to get some jigsaw pieces.
Mark Brown: I'm carrying it around because the 3DS is awesome and I want to play it. StreetPass is just a cool extra.
Peter Willington: Yeah, it's not too much extra weight is it? I chuck mine in a sock and throw it in my top pocket... Weirdly, I don't feel the same about my Vita. I rarely take that out, and when I do it's on very long train journeys. I like the games and all, but it just feels less... disposable.
Mike Rose: Well I carry around a real handheld (the Vita).
Mark Brown: I like having more than 3 games to play...
Mike Rose: Oh you've done it now Mark, GAME ON.
Mark Brown: Nah, Vita's great, I just can't think of anything I really want to play on it right now.
Harry Slater: I love my Vita. My 3DS is in a drawer and has been there for a good long while. Before that it was in a different drawer.
Mike Rose: I would argue that the Vita has better quality games than 3DS. I can also back that up with evidence - in 2 years, we've given 21 3DS games 9 or 10 scores, while in a year, we've given 14 Vita games 9 or 10s. If Vita carries on at the same pace, it'll have better quality games than the 3DS overall according to PG, BOOYAH!
Harry Slater: That's conjecture, not evidence. Sorry.
Alex Beech: And only if Vita carries on.
Peter Willington: I think they're about equal pegging for both. Vita had an amazing launch and has tailed off a bit, whereas 3DS is only now hitting its stride.
Mark Brown: I mean, it's all subjective of course. But 3DS has Fire Emblem and Vita doesn't, so case closed. But honestly, I like both, so whatever.
Mike Rose: Vita has Persona 4 Golden. Which is equivalent.
Peter Willington: And Final Fantasy Tactics... on the PSone Classics range.
Alex Beech: Which of those Vita 9-10s were remakes? Persona is the best game in my world right now, but it's a remake.
Mike Rose: Yeah but P4G is way more than just a remake. It pretty much defines how to do a remake properly. Technically one of the 3DS's main selling points is a remake too (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D).
Alex Beech: At launch... not really any more. Anyway, I don't know why this is an argument at all really. Gaming hippy that I am: can't we love both?

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