If you were looking for a reason to revisit innovative Vita musical platformer Sound Shapes, we may have just the ticket. Or, indeed, tickets.

As we suspected, Queasy Games has decided to drop the proverbial bass AND pay tribute to the decade that fashion forgot.

First up, then, is the '80s Pack, which contains all manner of synthy pop sounds and gaudy colours.

Then, there's the Dubstep Sound Pack, which is all dirty and wobbly and full of big bass drops that make you feel like the ground has disappeared from under you.

Both of the packs feature new notes, loops, five new beat school levels, and five new trophies. They'll set you back 79p / 99c each.

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Later in the month - on May 28th to be precise - there'll be a Milkcrate update to Sound Shapes, too. This will include new curated community levels hand-picked by an array of special guests.

You'll be able to play through levels chosen by GameSpot, The Verge, indie music label Ghostly International, and Japanese media artist Baiyon, for example.

Best of all, mind, the Milkcrate update won't cost you a thing.

And, yes, we were upset Queasy Games didn't ask us to curate any levels.