Updated on May 13th, at 17:10: After the publication of this story, Onipunks sent an email about the release dates of the various versions of its C-Wars game to its Kickstarter backers.

Here's what Onipunks said: "PC/Android release time is 18th, October, 2013. We will start to port C-Wars to 3DS when we hit the final test phase of PC version. Hopefully we will be able to deliver 3DS version by the end of the year. PSV and WiiU version will follow the final test phase of 3DS. iOS and XBLA version will follow the PSV and WiiU. "

Original story follows...

We've had our eyes on Onipunks's C-Wars since we first spotted the Kickstarter campaign for this mash-up of RTS, fighting game, and roguelike a couple of weeks ago.

Well, that campaign has come to a successful end, and so the game will be making its debut on Android tablets, iOS devices, PS Vita, and 3DS in the coming months.

It had looked touch-and-go there for iOS gamers for a while, but Onipunks managed to secure enough funding in the allotted time to meet its stretch goal of an iOS version of C-Wars.

Block wars

In C-Wars itself, Onipunks game blends gorgeous 2D animation with simplified RTS gameplay, mixing elements of tower defence and combo-laced brawlers to forge an enticing whirl of hand-to-hand violence and enormous cannons.

Alongside all that combat, there's plenty of exploration to be done, as you try and discover the mysteries behind the zombie plague that's ravaging the moon.

If you fancy trying an early build of C-Wars for Android, you can grab the demo APK from the Onipunks site by clicking here.

We've got no details about target dates for the various completed versions of the game yet, but we'll keep you posted when we know more.