Are you familiar with Freeciv? If you're not, it's a web-based turn-based strategy title inspired by Sid Meier's excellent Civilization franchise.

You guessed that, though, right?

Anyway, Freeciv is now compatible with the increasingly popular HTML5 platform, which means - as the tech savvy among you will already know - that it's now playable on a range of smartphones and tablets.

Nurture vs nurture

Your aim in Freeciv is to successfully nurture a small group of tribal leaders throughout multiple centuries, unlocking new technologies and constructing vast settlements along the way.

In order to do so, you must forge diplomatic relations with other friendly civilisations and wage war on anyone who threatens the success of your expansion plans.

To play Freeciv on your mobile, grab your favourite smartphone or tablet; open its browser; and fire up the game's official website. Easy.