The unofficial World of Warcraft cartoon I'm MT is a series that many WoW players are familiar with - but these gamers might be surprised to know that I'm MT has inspired its own mobile trading card game.

I AM MT: Card Battle already commands an average of six million monthly users in Asia, and now it's finally available in the west.

The mechanics of I AM MT: Card Battle are similar to many other card battlers like Rage of Bahamut, but I am MT will likely resonate with casual players for its quirky and unabashed World of Warcraft references.


Each of I am MT: Card Battle's 500 cards features I'm MT's signature art style which lovingly distorts the familiar races of Azeroth.

Like other card battlers, these cards can all be collected and - naturally - leveled up, so players will want to grab as many of them as they can.

I am MT: Card Battle also features PvE and PVP action, so players are free to either claw their way up the PVP rankings to join with friends (or PUGs…) to defeat powerful raid boss monsters.

If this sounds the kind of card battler that you'd like to play, you can pick up I am MT: Card Battle on the App Store for 99c / 69p.