The Bronze Award-winning rhythm platformer Sound Shapes is ready to drop the bass and a whole lot of awesome on its fans with an upcoming DLC pack.

With a coy announcement on its Twitter, Queasy Games announced that the new DLC would arrive for Sound Shapes on May 14 in North America and May 15 in Europe.

While Queasy was quiet on what the new DLC will feature, PSNstores reports that it will bring an 80s music sound pack along with a Dubstep sound pack to the Vita music game.

Safety Dance

As for how PSNStores managed to confirm this, Joystiq reports that Queasy Games accidentally leaked trophies for the 80s and Dubstep sound packs in Asia when it released the March Sound Shapes DLC.

We don't have official confirmation on the price of the upcoming sound packs, but they should be in the neighborhood of 99c / 69p if they follow the previous pricing model.

As with other sound packs, we assume that you'll receive new Beat School levels to play through along with new sound samples to play with.

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