There are a bunch of neato discounts on downloadable Nintendo 3DS games this week.

And all you need do is visit the eShop to find them.

The Virtual Console has been given a real shot in the arm this week, too, with multiple new (old?) titles ready for your consumption.

Plus, there are some brand-new games to download. In fact, it's fair to say that the 3DS eShop has 'got game' this week. Or something.

European eShop releases

Picdun 2: Witch's Curse is a dungeon-crawling RPG featuring static images of women with disproportionately sized chests. Yes, you're right.

You get 60 levels to battle your way through, all for £4.49. Watch out for a review of this up on the site soon.

My Riding Stables 3D - Jumping for the Team is a horsey adventure game involving looking after stallions and making friends. For £34.99, you could probably buy a real horse, mind. Well, a hoof.

Onto the Virtual Console...

The classic game Balloon Fight is now available for £3.59, while Ice Climber is £4.49. Meanwhile, Mario & Yoshi is £4.49, and Super C - the sequel to Contra - is £4.49.

Ooooooo, Marvel Pinball 3D is on sale! It's usually priced £6.29, but you can grab it for £2.99 up until May 9th. Sweet.

US eShop releases

Americans! You can download a game this week called Gummy Bears Magical Medallion. It was originally a Wii game, and it looks awful. Avoid it like the plague.

You can also check out My Riding Stables 3D - Jumping for the Team, just like your European brethren. I'm sure it's delightful.

Now, onto the semi-real stuff. BearShark is an endless-runner about escaping from a bear, and a shark. It looks pretty funny, but it's perhaps best to wait for a review before diving in.

In the US Virtual Console realm this week, you can nab Balloon Fight. Warning: you cannot fly after attaching a balloon to your back in real life. Don't ask how I know this.

But enough about all that - there's a huge sale on. Up until May 9th, you see, you can grab a ton of Nintendo games on the cheap.

We're talking Pushmo, 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure, Dillon's Rolling Western, Fluidity: Spin Cycle, and Tokyo Crash Mobs.

All of Shin'en's games are on offer until May 9th, too. So, yeh, Art of Balance TOUCH!, Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!, and Nano Assault EX. Don't bother with the mini-golf game, but do bother with the other two.

And, finally, Marvel Pinball 3D is cheap as chips until May 9th. Buy it - it's fun.

Back again next week.