A trip to a public men's room is far more involved than an outsider might think.

Once inside the tiled arena, a subtle and intricate dance begins - the steps aren't posted on the wall, and rare is the man who has the rules spelled out for him.

Instead, the dance is learned through observation and performed with unerring accuracy, and those in the room will know when a mistake has been made.

This is the world of Men's Room Mayhem, where it's never ok to make eye contact and you earn etiquette points for leaving a space between urinals.

Loo lunacy

Men's Room Mayhem is a time-management game similar to Flight Control - except that instead of landing planes, you'll be guiding full-bladdered gents to the closest available urinal or stall.

If you let a patron linger in torment for too long, however, he'll vent his… frustration… all over the floor, and it'll be your job as the men's room janitor to clean it up.

Worse still, fights can break out between visitors if you break the unwritten rules of men's room etiquette, so you'll need to keep the queue flowing efficiently if you hope to keep the pee.

Ahem. Peace.

The posting on the PlayStation Blog doesn't include a release date for the PS Vita version of Men's Room Mayhem, and Ripstone's page is similarly mum on when we can expect an iOS and Android release.

We'll keep you updated as soon as we have more information to report.