"Red Alert! Shields up!"

No, no, stand down. I come in peace. I've opened hailing frequencies, in fact, to let you know that the latest (free) issue of swipe magazine has just surfaced on the App Store.

In addition to crafting an animated Star Command cover that's as cute as a Tribble, the editors of swipe 7 have devoted a fair chunk of its coverage to War Balloon Games's just-released space combat-fest.

In terms of other signals your Tricorder should be picking up this month, well, look out for reviews of Fetch, Badland, Nimble Quest, and others. Oh, and don't miss our guide to Sonic Dash, and a chat with Firaxis on XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

To boldly go...

Of course, there's a holodeck-sized batch of other stuff in swipe 7, too: the latest game trailers of note, the monthly iPad help guide, must-own apps, current favourite shmups, Divided iPinion, and Smash Trek (the latest incarnation of swipe's Klingon-like resilient in-mag game).

So, that's swipe 7. Its continuing mission: to boldly find the greatest content for iOS that no one has found before. (Well, that's probably pushing it - I just had to get that Star Trek reference in somehow, though. A selfish act, but not a common one. I do appreciate the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.)

Err, anyway, swipe 7 is live, is free, and is available to download now. Make it so.