It's been almost a year since Autumn Dynasty, Touch Dimension's RTS set in ancient China, surfaced on the App Store.

The game's blend of intuitive gesture controls, gorgeous artwork, and tactical nous was one of the primary reasons we awarded it an 8/10 on review.

If you didn't think our recommendation was sufficiently compelling at that time, though, help is now at hand.

Yep, Touch Dimensions has just released a rather chunky Lite version of its oriental-themed real-time strategy title on Apple's digital emporium.

To wit, Autumn Dynasty Lite contains the first two stages of the main campaign and a Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Plus, it's a Universal build, so you can battle foes and friends on any iOS device of your choice.

Interestingly, the more people that download the free version, the more content Touch Dimensions unlocks for them all to play. For example, once 31,337 eager RTS gamers have grabbed Autumn Dynasty Lite, a harder difficulty setting is unlocked.

On top of launching this free version of Autumn Dynasty, Touch Dimension has cut the price of the full game to £2.99 / $4.99. This means that if you like what you see in the free version, you're not going to have to break the bank to get some more China-based strategy action.

Existing owners of the full game can also look forward to a software patch that includes two new maps and a host of gameplay tweaks.

You can pick up the free version of Autumn Dynasty [download] and the discounted full version [buy] from the App Store right now.

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