Welcome to another instalment of Pocket Gamer's free game round-up - a feature that highlights the top App Store titles that have been made free in the past 24 hours.

As we always say, prices in the App Store change frequently. So grab these freebies before you miss out on a top bargain.

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Ravenous Games - download for iPhone and iPad

Infestor is a relatively new platformer from League of Evil developer Ravenous Games. In it, you take on the role of a tiny green biological weapon, and embark on a mission across 60 puzzle-packed levels.

In order to successfully traverse these levels, you must avoid obstacles and take control of the many humans that patrol them.

These humans all have unique skills (such as the ability to push heavy blocks or wield weapons), and you need these skills to overcome the brainteasers you encounter on your travels.

Enigmo 2
By Pangea Software - download for iPhone and iPad

Enigmo 2 is a rock-solid three-dimensional puzzle game in which you're tasked with guiding falling water droplets, plasma, and laser beams towards a variety of containers.

You do this with gravetoids, teleporters, gravity inverters, and a range of other helpful gadgets, which - among other things - bounce and reflect the water in any direction you choose.

If you don't like playing this on your small iPhone screen or on your slightly larger iPad screen, you can fire up that HD telly box in your living room and play it on that via an Apple TV.