This week on, the site's editorial staff have been proselytising on the subject of free-to-play.

It's hardly a new issue, but as the UK's Office of Fair Trading announced last week that it would be launching an investigation into freemium games, it seemed as though the time was right for another look at the model that's changed the games industry – much to the horror of many.

For Pocket Gamer editor-in-chief Kristan Reed, it's time that social responsibility came before profits. "Who, in their right minds, can justify charging $99.99 for a stock of in-game items?" he asked.

"It goes without saying that some app creators will try it on, because it has been proven time and time again that some customers will actually pay that much. The industry has politely termed them as 'whales'. I prefer 'moron'."

It's wrong for developers to exploit these "stupid/addicted/addled" people, Reed argues, and editor-at-large Jon Jordan is equally critical of the industry's preferred terminology.

"We don't talk about 'players', we talk about 'users'. Daily active users, not daily active players. Average revenue per user, not average revenue per player. And perhaps most damning, we talk about 'whales' […] These aren't apex predators, though. They are our apex prey."

But that's quite enough moral talk for the moment. Instead, let's take a look back at the last seven days of mobile gaming news, interviews and features on

Tools and platforms
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  • We've never used bot farms or "anything shady," insists AppGratis CEO Simon Dawlat.
Industry voices
  • editor-at-large Jon Jordan finally goes mad, and spends his Monday morning imagining ancient Greeks arguing about Apple and AppGratis.
  • A slightly more lucid discussion follows, as the Mobile Gaming Mavens debate Apple's decision to yank AppGratis from the App Store.
  • Brand advertising is dead, says TapSense's Gregory Kennedy. It's all about brand response now, he tells Jon Jordan.
  • Fallen Tree Games' Lewis Boadle talks life after Free Radical, and explains why topping TimeSplitters isn't a target for his new studio.
  • Anna Marsh, the design director at Lady Shotgun Games, offers three top tips for game design on touchscreens.
  • Co-founder Nicholas Francis explains why he left Unity to make 'unforgettable' games for gamers.
F2P Summit