CGMatic has just pulled back the virtual tarpaulin on its latest crazy interactive creation. Its name? Madmonster. Your aim? To create havoc.

Made by the folks behind pseudo theme park joyride Madcoaster, then, this new title plays out like a Godzilla movie, albeit with you cast in the role of the titular angry lizard.

Starting off as head of the gang of monsters Wolfy, you have to smash your way through Madmonster's destructible cities by jumping around the screen.

With each building you devastate and each military vehicle you bust, you will soar higher and higher, increasing both the impact of your next landing and the chances of your breaking through the upper atmosphere.

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You see, it pays to aim high in Madmonster.

Shiny coins and other power-up lie among the stars, so you'll want to concatenate as many destructive combos at ground level as possible to gain more altitude (and potentially more coins) with your next jump.

The finished game will feature 60 levels to smash through, and five monsters to unlock for your own destructive amusement.

Madmonster will crash onto iPhone and iPad "soon".