Gameloft has released a new trailer for its upcoming movie tie-in auto-flier Iron Man 3.

In the trailer (posted below), we are shown a number of Tony Stark's Iron Man suits in action. Among the power suits on display are the Mark 39: Starboost and the Mark 25: Stalker, neither of which has appeared in an Iron Man film before.

We even get to see Stark take to the virtual skies in his new Stars-and-Stripes-inspired Iron Patriot suit. You know, the one in the Iron Man 3 movie trailer which looks like Robocop got into a fight with a flag.

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Unfortunately for all Shellhead fans, we only get a fleeting glimpse of some of Iron Man 3's 18 playable suits in the above trailer.

So, just in case you fancied a closer look, Gameloft has posted an image of every single one of the suits on its blog for you to view at your leisure.

You can see some of the new suits in the images below. For the full gallery, head over to Gameloft's blog posts [1, 2, 3].

You'll be able to download Iron Man 3 on iOS and Android from April 25th.

Iron Patriot

War Machine

Mark 38: Igor Mark 17: Heartbreaker Phandroid

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