I've been wanting to talk to you lot about our new mobile site for a while. Today, I finally can. That's because it's officially live, live, live! Hooray!

Based on feedback we've received from you, we've re-thought the way in which we present our glorious daily content on mobile devices.

In a nutshell, you see, we want you to enjoy the very best possible Pocket Gamer experience you can on EVERY platform and every device imaginable. Which, of course, includes mobile devices.


So, what's changed, eh? Well, the mobile Pocket Gamer site is all lovely and chunky now. Plus, we've tried to avoid cluttering up your precious 4.5-inch smartphone screen with unnecessary guff and nonsense. 'Streamlining' is the word, I believe. Yes. Yes, it is.

In effect, the biggest stories and reviews from the day are now at the top of the page, with dedicated sections for the hottest news items and must-see videos.

You can also check out which stories people are chatting about the most very easily. Oh, and sign in via your Pocket Gamer, Facebook, or Twitter account to join the conversation.

We've also included plenty of filters to help you get where you want to be on the site at lightning speed. Just want news? No problem. Just reviews? Be our guest. Looking for a cool feature to read? Filter away, my friend.

But wait - there's more!

Hypothetical situation: you're in a review, you like the look of the game being reviewed, you want to find out if your device is compatible, and you need a link to download it. We've all been there, right?

We've always displayed this info on the mobile Pocket Gamer site, but now it's all - including an ultra-convenient download link - in a really obvious special section below the review.

Right, enough waffle. Go check it out for yourself, folks. Fire up http://m.pocketgamer.co.uk on your mobile device of choice and take a look. Yeah, good, innit.

Got any feedback on our newly redesigned mobile site? Fire it over to us in the comments section below.