With tickets to the Masters now costing about as much as a new Volkswagen, it's understandable that many golf enthusiasts won't be joining the crowds down in Augusta.

Thankfully, GolfStar is here to bring the thrill of live golf competition to those who could only make it to the Masters in spirit.

Featuring hyper-realistic golf physics that take everything from terrain, temperature, and humidity into consideration, GolfStar is a far cry from the classic pub-standard golf simulators, but it's still good, clean, fairway fun.


Like many other great golf games, GolfStar allows you to customize your character in a range of outfits from professional golf attire to punk rock-chic.

Once you're appropriately attired, you can take a swing at five different game modes.

Training, Career, and Match can be played solo while Competition and 10-Player Competition allow you to test your putting prowess against other players in real-time.

If this sounds more palatable than shelling out a few thousand dollars to catch the last days of the Masters in person, you'll be happy to learn that GolfStar is available on the App Store for the just-right price of 'free'.

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