Back in March, UK-based children's book publisher Egmont announced that it's acquired the rights to release a number of Minecraft-themed books outside of the US.

More publishers are getting in on the act.

Today, PopCap announced that Penguin Children's Books has secured the right to publish (over the next few years) a variety of books based on PopCap's award-winning Plants vs Zombies franchise.

Unfortunately, like the abovementioned Minecraft deal, this licensing arrangement doesn't cover North America or Asia.

Penguin Children's Books will begin publishing books based on PopCap's frightfully addictive TD franchise this August, starting with an official Plants vs Zombies guide, an official sticker book, and a Plants vs Zombies joke book.

These books will be available in a mixture of physical and electronic forms.

You can, of course, also buy Plants vs Zombies-themed merchandise from PopCap's online store, which it opened last summer.