Since 2008, Starbucks has provided its customers with free songs and apps via its Pick of the Week program. Now that program is about to expand into the realm of digital game distribution.

Using the free Starbucks app, interested parties can pick up the Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning Angry Birds Star Wars for the ever-popular price of free.

To nab the free game, CNET reports that you can either go into the inbox of your iOS mobile app or visit your local Starbucks and connect to its complementary in-store Wi-Fi network.

We've seen this sort of promotion from Starbucks before with games like Lost Winds and Spy Mouse, but those required you to pick up a physical copy of the download code in-store.

Bringing it together

If you're interested in picking up Angry Birds Star Wars gratis through the Starbucks App, begin by downloading the app then click the "Home" button in the bottom left.

Once at the home screen, you'll see a 'Messages' icon. Tap that, and you'll eventually see a feed filled with links to free song and an offer for a free download of Angry Birds Star Wars.

There are some reports that those who downloaded the app and signed up for an account are not receiving messages relating to Angry Birds Star Wars, however.

If you're not seeing the link, you can either be patient for it to show or head over to your local Starbucks and connect to the Wi-Fi network.