PC point-and-click sci-fi adventure Gemini Rue has taken up residence on the New Zealand App Store, and is ready to move into the UK and US from midnight this evening.

In Gemini Rue, you take on the role of former assassin Azriel Odin, who's now a law enforcer searching for his missing brother, Nathaniel.

Naturally, gameplay revolves around finding clues that will eventually reveal the location of your AWOL sibling.

Sounds like a pretty normal case, right? Wrong.

Gemini Rue takes place during the 23rd century on a planet in an entirely different star system from the one earth is in. This is, in truth, far from a straightforward case.

Gemini Rue featured in our recently published list of the most anticipated iOS and Android games for April and beyond, so we have high hopes for this adventure.

Head on over to the UK and US App Stores from around midnight this evening (or right now if you have a New Zealand iTunes account) and grab Gemini Rue for £2.49 / $3.99.

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