Issue 6 of swipe magazine, Steel Media's monthly interactive bundle of iPad-friendly digital fun, is now available from the App Store. Oh, and it's still free. Yes, seriously.

By focusing exclusively on all the latest and greatest stuff to have hit the App Store, the swipe editorial staff makes your iOS-following life incredibly easy.

In this particular issue, the swipe team take a look at cover star Ridiculous Fishing, Danmaku Unlimited 2, Super Stickman Golf 2, and more. Loads more, in fact.

There's a full Year Walk, err, walkthrough (along with an interview with its developer, Simogo), you see, plus a rundown of the best iOS music-making apps, the newest must-have iPad accessories, a recommended batch of must-own apps, and all the regular features.

Issue 6 of swipe magazine is available now on the App Store for free. Try it out - you won't regret it. Promise.