About two weeks ago we brought you a story on Shovel Knight, an upcoming 3DS platformer that looked pretty exciting.

Sure, the so-retro-it-hurts art style caught our eye, but what really helped Shovel Knight stand out was the fact that it was a 3DS game seeking funding on Kickstarter.

After a compelling pitch video, the dev team at Yacht Club Games opened their hearts to 3DS owners and hoped that these gamers would open their wallets for Shovel Knight.

After 19 days, Shovel Knight secured more than $81,000 (£53,265) in funding and was officially announced for development.

Shovel it on

In celebration of the successful funding, Yacht Club Games announced a series of stretch goals that will expand the version of Shovel Knight that's seen by the gaming public.

Possibilities like a challenging New Game+ Mode, playable Boss Knight characters, and a Gender Swap Mode that lets you play as a female hero are all in play, as is a 4-player co-op mode.

Some of these are a long way off, like the co-op multiplayer which requires an additional $120,000, but the first goal - a bonus music player - was already funded at the $80,000 mark.

If you're interested in helping Shovel Knight reach these goals, or just want to watch how deep its supporters can dig, there are still 12 days left in Shovel Knight's Kickstarter campaign.

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