Boston-based developer Moonshot Games spent this week building a pretty solid case for why you should play this US studio's upcoming stealth-puzzler Third Eye Crime.

As the game's protagonist, a necessarily gruff-voiced art thief named Rothko, explains in the game's debut trailer, there's one thing that makes him different from other street crooks.

You see, it turns out Rothko can read people's minds.

As you can imagine, this trick comes in handy when you're trying to swipe high-priced paintings from under the noses of watchful security guards.

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Third Eye Crime plays out from a top-down perspective. Mechanically, it appears to have a lot in common with Spy Mouse. So, you guide Rothko around the environment, avoiding the gaze of the enemy to get to your goal.

In the case of Moonshot's game, however, our antihero's psychic powers allow you to see the projected patrol routes each security goon will follow. You can then take this info into account when drawing in your route, and ensure you have an escape plan when the moment comes.

With its classy visuals and neat concept, Third Eye Crime definitely looks like an iOS game to watch. It'll sneak onto iPad later this spring.