It's been almost two months since Rovio released new content for Angry Birds Star Wars, but fans now have a new hope to look forward to.

After teasing the upcoming Cloud City episode over the weekend, MTV's Multiplayer Blog posted a first look at what fans can expect from the gameplay changes introduced in the expansion.

Cloud City will include 20 levels for plays to fling fowl through along with new obstacles like steam vents, which will change a bird's direction in mid-flight.

Bright lights, Cloud City

In addition to new levels and obstacles, Cloud City will also introduce the iconic anti-hero Boba Fett into the world of the Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winner.

Star Wars fans might be disappointed to learn that they can't recruit or control Boba Fett - he is a pig, after all - but that doesn't mean that he won't be useful.

Based on the video below, it looks like a careful lightsaber-ing will send Boba Fett rocketing off into nearby structures and enemies.

We don't know when we can expect the Cloud City update to go live, but Rovio assure fans of Star Wars Angry Birds that it's coming soon.