Capcom delivered almost everything that a Mega Man fan could hope for at PAX East on Friday, unless - of course - that fan was hoping for confirmation of a new game.

According to a Joystiq report, Capcom community manager Brett Elston said that a new Mega Man game is in development but that Capcom is "not ready" to announce it just yet.

Since that report, Capcom has clarified Elston's comment by stating that a new Mega Man game has not been confirmed but that Capcom is having "ongoing discussions about Mega Man".

Blue Bomber blues

While the lack of a new Mega Man title is certainly saddening, Capcom didn't let fans leave the panel without giving the something to look forward to.

It announced that Mega Man 4 will arrive on the North American eShop on April 25, followed closely by Mega Man 5 on May 16. We actually knew these games were coming, but it's nice to have firm release dates.

We'll keep you updated on the "ongoing discussions" and what they mean for the future of Mega Man as soon as we know more.