Final Fantasy X-2 holds the distinction of being one of the most polarizing titles in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Now, ten years after its release, it's poised to continue its divisive tradition.

Siliconera reports that Final Fantasy X-2 will be included with the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy X HD for free, though it must be purchased separately for the PS Vita.

Suteki da ne

As the first direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game, X-2 continues the story of Final Fantasy X and picks up a few years after events in the first game conclude.

Final Fantasy X-2 is memorable for its signature dressphere battle system, which recalls the interchangeable job system seen in Final Fantasys III, V, and XI.

We still don’t know when exactly to expect Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 on the Vita, but they should be out later this year.

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