Capcom has teased Phoenix Wright fans with a few more details about Kizuki Kokone, Ace Attorney 5's newest character.

We got a sneak peek at the youngest addition to the Wright Anything Agency's legal team last year.

Though she has studied law, Kokone relies on more than book smarts and intuition to solve cases.

To help her uncover the truth, she uses her Heart Scope ability, a handy trick which lets her peer directly into the hearts of witnesses.

According to Ace Attorney 5's updated website (translated by Siliconera), Kokone's Heart Scope throws up a combination of noises and emotional indicators to accompany the witness's testimony.

You must then interpret this data to analyse contradictions in the witness's emotional state, and decide whether the subject is lying or not.

The Ace Attorney 5 site also shows returning hero Apollo Justice, drawing particular attention to the blue jacket he is wearing.

What's the significance of the coat? And what's with the eyepatch? We'll find out when Ace Attorney 5 debuts on 3DS later this year.