You've got to hand it to Sony - the company has been doing a sterling job encouraging indie developers to design games for its portable powerhouse.

Who needs hordes of AAA blockbusters when you can look forward to superb indie games like Hotline Miami, Snapshot, Frozen Synapse, and Lone Survivor?

So, that got us thinking about which current and upcoming indies we'd love to see on the Vita.

Which indie games from 2012 would be a perfect fit for Sony's latest handheld, and which 2013 indie titles should be ported across to PS Vita?

Here are our favourites. As always, let us know what you think of our selection in the comments section below.

5 indie games from 2012 that we want on PS Vita

By Strange Loop Games

Currently only available for PC, Vessel is a platform-puzzler with a heavy focus on "Liquid Gameplay" (that is, fluid physics and all things wet).

By sucking up and firing water all over the place using your backpack, you're able to pass obstacles and interact with special Fluro creatures.

There were murmurs early last year that the game is on the way to the PlayStation 3, so a PS Vita port surely can't be out of the question.

Mark of the Ninja
By Klei Entertainment

One of my personal favourite games of 2012, Mark of the Ninja is a side-scrolling stealth game that enables you to tackle enemies in a huge variety of ways.

Will you clamber along the ceiling and drop down on your foes from above? Or will you throw down a smoke bomb and stay out of sight? Or maybe you'll just play through the game multiple times and try both... like I did.

Whatever the case, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken has demonstrated that games like this work wonders on the Vita. Get it done, Klei. Now.

By Mossmouth

Spelunky is unlike the vast majority of other games that you will play. Despite it featuring a mere 16 levels - each of which only lasts a couple of minutes - you will plug hours and hours into this game, you see.

That's because the levels are randomly generated. Oh, and seriously, knuckle-crackingly difficult. It'll be a looong time before you see the end of Spelunky.

This type of bite-sized offering is perfect for gaming on the move, though it isn't well suited to a touchscreen.

Enter the PS Vita stage right.

Offspring Fling

By Kyle Pulver

A forest creature has lost all of her children and must battle through dozens of puzzles to get them back.

We should probably feel sorry for her, right?

As it turns out, though, this awfully sad scenario leads to some top-notch platforming action. Don't call me selfish - you're thinking exactly the same thing.

Offspring Fling is a prime example of a game almost custom-made for the Vita, especially given its level editor and online sharing capabilities.


By Amanita Design

The name 'Amanita Design' may sound familiar. That's because it's the team behind the lovely adventure game Machinarium.

Last August, in fact, it appeared as though Machinarium was bound for PS Vita. Alas, it still hasn't surfaced. Yet.

So, instead, we'll take your latest game Botanicula on Vita, thank you very much, Amanita.

In Botanicula, Amanita substitutes Machinarium's robots for forest creatures, whom you have to guide around a huge towering tree with the aim of fending off an evil presence.

5 indie games coming in 2013 that we want on PS Vita

By Refract Studios

Distance was originally released as a prototype called Nitronic Rush. The popularity of this futuristic racer prompted its creator to take development of this game more seriously.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, then, Distance is most definitely on its way.

It's basically a WipEout / San Francisco Rush 2049 mash-up, which means you should be very excited.

The game is currently only destined for PC and Mac, but I'm willing to start the Vita petition now. I mean, let's be honest: who wouldn't pick up a Vita version of this gorgeous-looking next-gen arcade racer?

By D-Pad Studio

Owlboy has been in development for more than five years. That's a seriously long time in anyone's book. Including my one.

But hark! There is a whispering in the wind that D-Pad Studio's Xbox 360 and PC platformer will finally get released later this year.

What to expect? Well, tons of dungeons to explore, loads of side-quests to complete, and nice meaty boss battles to get stuck into.

Now, given that it's taken all this time to get here, we wouldn't want to delay it any further. Having said that, can we have a Vita port, please? Pretty please?

By Davioware

TowerClimb is another one that's been around for a while, though it hasn't reached its full potential yet.

Unfortunately, it seems like a lack of press led to TowerClimb developer Davioware sticking the game on the backburner. This is a huge shame, for this tower-scaling roguelike is immensely fun.

What better way to kick-start development again on this title than with an offer from Sony to create a Vita version? Nudge, nudge.

Zeno Clash 2
By ACE Team

The original Zeno Clash is still the best (and perhaps only) way to biff human-like chickens in the face.

We're extremely excited to head back into the weird world of Zenozoik in Zeno Clash 2 and punch some more strange things right in the knackers.

You'd imagine it'd be difficult to map the original control scheme to a touchscreen, so iOS is out as a target platform.

Vita, then, with its lovely buttons? Anyone? Yeaah.

By Alientrap

In my opinion, Greek mythology remains a relatively untapped gold mine for video game developers. Think of all that culture, violence, and scandal. Ripe for the picking, I reckon.

Say 'hello' to Apotheon.

Greek mythology is positively pouring out of each of its orifices. Open-world Mount Olympus? Check. Visuals that resemble ancient tapestries? Check.

Here's the problem, though: the game is only destined for a PC release at the moment. Alientrap! We summon thee to the PS Vita chamber!