Rovio's prehistoric movie tie-in The Croods has just stumbled onto the decidedly modern iOS and Android landscapes.

Instead of producing another physics-based puzzler, the Angry Birds developer has cooked up a creature-management game based around hunting and gathering.

After assuming control of family patriarch Grug, you are tasked with hunting down ten unusual animals.

You can then trap and tame these weird critters - such as the genetically confused Molarbear and Girelephant - to create your own madcap menagerie.

As your creature collection grows in The Croods, you'll also want to explore the area surrounding your Stone Age dwelling. By helping Grug build inventions, you'll gain access to more areas of the map.

Interestingly, the Finnish dev has opted to make The Croods a free-to-play game. You can buy extra items and perks via IAPs, however.

You can download The Croods free on iOS [download] and Android [download] now.