If you've already polished off the new levels in the recent Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space updates, you'll be pleased to read that Angry Birds Seasons has now been updated, too.

Version 3.2.0 of Angry Birds Seasons contains eight brand-new bonus levels.

Four of these stages are set in the Christmas-themed chapter of Winter Wonderham, and four are set in the Halloween-themed Haunted Hogs chapter.

As always, you'll need to earn stars (60 in Winter Wonderham and 70 in Haunted Hogs) and feathers (ten in each chapter) in regular levels to unlock these special bonus stages.

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This update also includes three new power-ups: Sling Scope, Super Seeds, and - most importantly - Homing Bird. The Homing Bird will apparently send one of your avians flapping towards the first piggy on its radar.

You can see that power-up in action in the short video above.

Rovio's latest update is available on iOS and Android, and will be released on other platforms soon. Grab it from the App Store for your iPhone [buy] and iPad [buy], and from Google Play [download] right now.