Nicalis's critically lauded silhouette-styled physics-puzzler NightSky is set to roll onto the App Store at midnight tonight.

Starting out life as a PC title, NightSky grabbed our attention when it made its way onto the Nintendo 3DS.

Though its visual style has a lot in common with games like Limbo and Oscura, NightSky is more of a physics-based playground than a traditional platformer.

The aim of the game is to guide a crystal ball through numerous screens. Along the way, you'll have to traverse chasms and negotiate mechanised obstacles like spinning fan blades.

It's fair to say that NightSky's familiar art style, while pretty enough, is not smashing down any aesthetic barriers.

However, we felt that this 3DS game's deftly balanced physics and rewarding - yet extremely challenging - gameplay was worthy of a Pocket Gamer Silver Award.

If you want to see how NightSky handles on a touchscreen device, you'll be able to download it to your iPhone and iPad for the reduced price of 69p / 99c after midnight.

Though the game has yet to appear on Google Play, Android users can also find NightSky inside the current Humble Bundle.

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