Updated on March 12th, at 12:36: The Clash of Clans update described below has now gone live on the App Store.

In addition to including the new Dark Elixir units and improved Wall Breakers, Supercell has made it so that players can move more than one wall piece at a time.

You'll also be able to deploy troops near obstacles, and find out how much loot can be acquired from each single-player level by tapping the map.

Original story follows...

Supercell is preparing to unleash a substantial update for its hit free-to-play strategy title Clash of Clans.

This update will add three new Dark Elixir units to your village.

The first, called The Minion, is a blue winged creature who can materialise out of thin air for the ultimate pop-up attack.

Next up, we have The Valkyrie. She sports an impressive-looking two-handed axe, which she can use to perform a reportedly devastating 'whirlwind strike'.

The final new Clash of Clans Dark Elixir unit is The Hog Rider. This bacon-backed heavy can clear enemy walls with a single bound, making it the ideal unit for breaching your foe's defences.

As you've already guessed, you're going to need to hand over some of that precious Dark Elixir if you want to add these units to your ranks. We suggest you get mining forthwith.

Smart bombs

As well as adding new units, Supercell's upcoming Clash of Clans update will boost the AI of the Wall Breakers to make them more effective in battle.

Instead of attacking the first wall they encounter, the Wall Breakers will target fortifications, pushing deeper into the enemy base once defences have been destroyed.

Supercell has yet to confirm a date for the Clash of Clans update, instead offering its fans a tentative "coming soon" promise.