We knew this day would come.

After launching a flurry of Angry Birds-themed parks across the world last year, Rovio has teamed up with NASA to launch an Angry Birds Space-themed attraction at the Kennedy Space Center just outside of Orlando, Florida.

VentureBeat reports that the Angry Birds Space Encounter will be a 4,600 square foot attraction that will take participants through six different Angry Birds-themed space stations.

These six stations will offer visitors the chance to customize their own Angry Bird and shoot it at targets. Once through the six stations, visitors will be able to navigate the "Danger Zone" mirror maze.

How very Top Gun.

Space Race

The Angry Birds Space Encounter will open on March 22 and astronaut Donald Petit will be on hand to help with the ceremonies.

Like most attractions in the Orlando area, the Angry Birds Space Encounter is aimed primarily at entertaining small children - but we have a feeling some parents will get a kick out of the "Red Planet Lazer Challenge".

The Kennedy Space Center is open daily from 9am to 5pm, with admission prices between $40 for children ages 3 - 11 and $50 for adults.