Almost a year ago, Shadowrun's creator Jordan Weisman blew the doors off of a Kickstarter to bring turn-based cyberpunk adventures to the world of mobile gaming.

Fans and backers of his phenomenally-successful Kickstarter were disappointed, however, when they learned that Shadowrun Returns would be returning later than expected owing to the expanded scope of the game.

Now, Weisman's Harebrained Schemes has thrown these Shadowrun fans a bone for their patience in the form of a 20-minute long alpha gameplay video.

Viddy this

Similar to RPGs like Fallout, most of the action in Shadowrun Returns is handled through a point-and-click interface.

In the course of the video, Weisman shows a squad of shadowrunners shooting and summoning their way through a mission while he explains things like terrain and combat along the way.

Shacknews points out that this is an alpha build, so it's still subject to change, but it's an interesting glimpse at how stats, behaviour, and disguises can affect interactions with NPCs.

Unfortunately, for all its deep and nuanced gameplay, it looks like Shadowrun Returns may be delayed a bit further. Droidgamers reports that the mobile versions of Shadowrun Returns will come out after the PC/Mac version, which is due out in "early summer".

[Update] We've since heard that all versions of the game (except Linux) will be released simultaneously.

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