This week, Keith, Peter, and I get breathless talking about the unexpected rash of new endless-runners on the App Store.

Before we completely lose the power of speech, however, we explore the mobile success stories at this year's BAFTA Games Awards.

We also discuss the appearance of Need for Speed: Most Wanted Online and its adoption of Real Racing 3's Time Shifted Multiplayer mode.

Then, we prepare to throw down with Snoop Dogg / Lion in his upcoming rhythm fighter Way of the Dogg.

Super Sonic?

Next, we get our speed shoes on to talk about the latest App Store outing for Sega's spiky blue mascot (more on that later) in this week's New Releases.

Fellow auto-runners Mini Ninjas and Outland Games also get a nod, and Peter tells me why the newly launched Metal Slug X is the best Metal Slug game ever.

Finally, Keith gives us his take on Sonic Dash, I learn how to brofist in Gun Bros 2, and Peter looks at mucky pics in Dragon Summoner.


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