ZeptoLab's Silver Award-winning Cut the Rope: Experiments has been updated with a brand-new level pack, that's full of bugs.

No, not software glitches and technical hiccups. And not nuisance creepy crawlies, like Cut the Rope's spiders, either.

No. We're talking about helpful ants, that will help you to complete your goal. Which - as always - is to fill the belly of the impossibly adorable Om Nom.

So you can drop a piece of tasty candy onto a stream of scurrying ants, for example, and they'll effortlessly carry it around with them. Tap the candy again, and they'll drop it.

Hopefully into Om Nom's gaping gob.

Simple task

Cut the Rope: Experiments now features over 175 stages that are split into seven level packs, which all feature unique gameplay mechanics.

Grab Cut the Rope: Experiments for your iPhone for 69p / 99c [buy], and Cut the Rope: Experiments HD for your iPad for £1.49 / $1.99 [buy]. The update is also out on Android [buy].

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