A couple of weeks ago, we told you about an upcoming tactical shooter, co-created by ex-Call of Duty developer Robert Bowling, called Breach & Clear.

Stand to attention. We have even more details to share with you today.

In Breach & Clear, you'll have to build your very own special operations team completely from scratch.

In other words, you're in charge of recruiting authentic troops from around the world, and equipping them with the real-world weapons and equipment they need to become ├╝ber-efficient operatives.

You'll then have to send them into increasingly difficult close-quarter battles, which have been designed with the help of active special operations members.

As we mentioned in our previous coverage of this title, Breach & Clear will be available for free. Naturally, this means it'll be packed with in-app purchases.

But according to a post on Breach & Clear's official website, this DLC will include "custom in-game patches", and 100 per cent of the proceeds from those patches will be donated to charity.

More specifically, the money will be used to help war veterans and their families who're in need. You can't say fairer than that, can you?

Breach & Clear will be released on iOS and Android sometime this spring.