Everplay's punishing pixel-art jumping game 1001 Attempts will be available on the App Store from midnight tonight.

If games like Super Crate Box and Super Hexagon demonstrated that there is still an appetite in the modern era for insanely difficult retro games, 1001 Attempts is about to become your next virtual 'feast'.

The concept behind 1001 Attempts couldn't be simpler. You control a small purple square, which must jump left and right to collect jewels and avoid enemies.

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That's pretty much it.

The twist to 1001 Attempts is that staying alive is phenomenally difficult, with practically every on-screen object capable of killing you with a single touch.

This instakill scenario is less surprising when you consider the objects themselves: missiles, blades, drill bits, and lasers.

If all of that piques your interest, you'll be able to download 1001 Attempts from the App Store at midnight tonight.