Move over Mickey, step aside Bugs: the Angry Birds Toons are heading to our screens next month. On March 16th, to be precise.

The cartoon incarnations of the Angry Birds cast have been hopping around the internet for a while now, but only in smalls doses. You know, the odd cutscene here, a trailer skit there.

Angry Birds Toons represents the culmination of a project and strategy Rovio has been on working for a while.

Through the storylines of this new animated series, you see, the Finnish firm aims to inject more character into the relatively one-dimensional avians and their piggy foes.

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In the Angry Birds Toon trailer above, we are shown a montage of what we presume to be excerpts from the upcoming animated series.

By the look of things, then, we can expect to see plenty of child-friendy slapstick antics from bird and swine alike.

We're still not 100 percent sure how Rovio will be distributing these Angry Birds Toons, with company CEO Mikael Hed stating that Rovio itself will "become the channel".

After running that rather Zen-sounding promo babble through our patented PR translation machine, we reckon Hed means we'll be able to watch Angry Birds Toons episodes online, either via Rovio's own site or its YouTube channel (or both).

Tune in on March 16th to find out.

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