Back at the end of January we stumbled onto Cryamore, a great-looking action roleplaying game that was just settling into its Kickstarter campaign.

Cryamore tantalized us with gameplay that promised to recall elements of The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and The Secret of Mana - along a more modern Lili aesthetic - yet mobile gamers were left wanting: Cryamore was cagey about coming to iOS and Android at the start of its campaign.

Now, after 19 days of fundraising, Cryamore has exceeded its $150,000 stretch goal and confirmed support for an iOS, Android, and Ouya release.

Esmy and my shadow

The indie RPG follows the story of Esmyrelda Maximus (Esmy), a young adventurer who leaves her village to find new deposits of the energy-rich mineral cryamore.

Despite Esmy's enthusiasm, however, this mission won't be a simple task.

The prolonged use of cryamore has upset the island's fragile ecosystem and called waves of monsters into being. Esmy will need to battle these beasties while exploring the island and solving puzzles if she hopes to find the fabled stores of lost cryamore.

Thankfully, this will likely be an enjoyable quest for players as Cryamore features Unity-powered graphics, hand-drawn backgrounds, and an evocative soundtrack by composer Aivi Tran.

There are still 11 days left in Cryamore's Kickstarter campaign for those looking to secure backer rewards. Should Cryamore hit its $175,00 stretch goal, its developers plan to include an in-game arcade that will feature minigames for players to enjoy.