Welcome to Pocket Gamer's "Best of the rest - iOS edition", which is a handy round-up of all the new iPhone and iPad games that we didn't find time to newsify this week.

Hundreds of new games hit the App Store every day, you see, and we only have enough time to write about the most noteworthy new additions.

So, we've decided to create this here article, which we'll use to feature a few exciting or promising iOS games that we think deserve a litte coverage.

Fiona Fights - Adventure Time
By Cartoon Network - buy for iPhone and iPad

Grab your sword and battle a never-ending swarm of baddies in this incredibly colourful fast-paced action title from Cartoon Network.

There are four unique swords to choose from in this slash-'em-up and they all give you unique talents, such as the ability to pierce your foes with hundreds of crystal shards.

Rock Blocker
By Everplay - download free for iPhone and iPad

Rock Blocker is a space-based retro-style shooter in which you tasked with taking command of a spaceship and saving the world from an alien invasion.

This psychedelic blast-'em-up features multiple single-player game modes - Campaign, Endless, and Challenge - and a multiplayer mode that allows you to pay with friends on a single device.

It's from Everplay, who last gave us Spellsword.

Puzzle Restorer
By Gavina Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

Your aim in this interesting puzzle title is to restore a number of spoiled paintings back to there former glory by drawing strokes between various similarly coloured points.

There's a catch, though: you only have a limited number of brushstrokes and a small amount of paint at your disposal.

Flick Champions Winter Sports
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

As its name suggest, Flick Champions Winter Sports is, well, a sports game in which you control your on-screen sportsman with simple flicks of your device's screen.

This title features 18 unique medal events spread across six different sports: Slalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling, Snowball Fight.