There's no question that the utility of dedicated portable gaming hardware has been undermined by smartphones and tablets.

In the days of yore - or, rather, 'pre-iPhone' as those less romantic than us refer to it - mobile gaming was a world of Snake and not much else. Dedicated handhelds had nothing to worry about.

Then J2ME came along, delivering a colourful and diverse selection of games that were distributed in an inconsistent and confusing manner.

Then the App Store arrived, and in just a few years, we've reached the stage where mobile gaming is the home of an unrivalled range of graphically impressive games that cost next-to-nothing.

So what will become of gaming handhelds in this new world? Frankly, I don't know. IHS reckons they'll continue losing ground to mobile devices and soon become "niche devices for core gamers."

What's clear is that dedicated handhelds must adapt or die – either discovering a 'third way' that's meaningfully different from both console gaming and mobile gaming, with an updated pricing model to match, or ceasing to exist at scale.

Anyhoo, all this precognition is giving me a headache, so let's knock it off for now. Instead, let's look back at the last seven days on

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