You can now purchase Rovio's entire catalogue of iPad games - including the recent smash-hit Angry Birds Star Wars HD - for just 69p / 99c a pop.

No, seriously.

That means Angry Birds Star Wars HD [buy], Angry Birds Space HD [buy], Angry Birds Seasons HD [buy], and the original Angry Birds HD [buy] are all available for under a dollar apiece.

A side of bacon

The Finnish developer has also lowered the cost of its contraption-building physics-puzzler Amazing Alex HD [buy] to 69p / 99c.

Swine-transporting puzzler Bad Piggies HD [buy], meanwhile, had been hovering around the $1 mark since January.

We don't know how long these prices will last, so you 'Birds fans should probably grab 'em while they're going cheep. Sorry. Again.

Updated on February 8th, at 14:04:

Rovio has also slashed the price of the above titles on Android. You can pick them up from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for 63p / 99c a pop.