Escalation was one of the most important aspects of arcade gaming. There was an unspoken agreement between developer and player that the coins being dropped into the slot were going to be worth it to see what happened next.

That's something that Roar Rampage understands pretty well. While its tale of a mutant dinosaur wearing a boxing glove smashing up buildings might be a little one-note, you always feel like pushing on a bit further is going to reward you with something explosive or funny to smash.

Boxing day

The game casts you as a giant dinosaur intent on destruction. You control his boxing glove-clad fist, sliding your finger around the screen to smash tower blocks, helicopters, tanks, and anything else unlucky enough to get in the way of your rampage.

As you smash your way through the 45 levels the game has to offer, you need to protect yourself from the bullets and rockets the army are blasting in your general direction. Luckily, your boxing glove is impervious to harm, so if you're quick you can swat away the missiles and shells before they pierce your dino hide.

Take too much damage and your rampage will come to a premature end. Gems you collect as you crush and kill your way through the levels can be spent on boosts and buffs to get you through tougher sections, or on new costumes to make your dinosaur look that little bit sillier.

Lizard fight

Roar Rampage is a hefty dollop of braindead, reaction-based fun. It feels like a cross between a test-your-strength machine, a good Godzilla film, and the best arcade action that the App Store has to offer.

It's not perfect, and it doesn't take too long for the action to lose a little of its sparkle, but the occasional boss battle and some Super Breakout-style bonus levels make sure you don't get too sick and tired of pummelling buildings into dust.

If you don't care about depth or subtlety, and just like to see explosions getting bigger and methods of destruction getting sillier, then Roar Rampage is worth a bash.

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