After the confirmation yesterday that the upcoming Android-powered Ouya 'unconsole' is now available for pre-order in the US, more good news for fans of Ouya Inc.'s intriguing games machine.

On stage at DICE, Ouya Inc. CEO Julie Uhrman announced two new partnerships with noteworthy game developers.

The first of these partnerships is with Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions, which has committed to releasing its Kickstarter-funded Double Fine Adventure game (codenamed 'Reds') and The Cave on Ouya.

Ouya Inc. has also partnered up with Paul Bettner's Verse Studio. Bettner is probably best known for being the creator of Words With Friends.

Changing everything. Again

According to Bettner, "Ouya and Verse are nothing less than The Return Of Console Gaming. The last big wave was mobile... Words With Friends is the most played game across all mobile platforms."

"And yet I believe we're about to see another disruption even bigger than this last. Gamers want the App Store in their living room. Ouya will be the first to deliver it, and it's going to change everything. Again."

There is still no word on a revised UK launch date for the Ouya, but make sure you keep an eye on Pocket Gamer for updates on this.

As we mentioned yesterday, the Ouya will be available in the US in June.