Fans of Rovio's Angry Birds will soon have a new, cinematic way to enjoy the antics over their favourite avians.

No, it's not the Angry Birds movie that's due out in 2016 - it's a new series of cartoon shorts that Rovio has planned for the franchise.

Rovio's Mikael Hed told The Wall Street Journal that fans can expect to see the new short videos this spring but he was a bit cagey on how they'd be distributed.

When asked about distribution, Hed replied "The content itself is the channel… we have become the channel." Clarifying this point slightly, he went on to say that the distribution of the animated series would be a bit unorthodox.

Channeling greatness

Hed also said that Rovio would not be "...reliant on others who had the channel", which likely means the shorts will skip broadcast networks entirely.

If Hed's words are to be taken literally, perhaps "the content" of Angry Birds will soon include links to videos on YouTube that fans can watch when they decide to give their flicking fingers a rest.

We'll be eager to see what Rovio comes up with for these shorts. With any luck, we'll be able to kick back with a frosty cold Angry Birds soda and watch their premiere on our various tablets and phones.

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