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Cognitile is a Silver Award-winning action-puzzler in which you guide an adventurer through various hazard-filled courses.

There's a catch: you're briefly shown every hazard at the beginning of each stage, and then forced to rely on your memory to guide this game's protagonist to safety.

Cognitile features 60 "official" levels, but you can also play through stages created by the game's community.

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Geared 2!

Geared 2! is an extremely simple physics-puzzler that features over 500 levels (a whopping 440 of which have been created by the game's community).

In this title, you're challenged to power the various blue gears that are dotted around each stage. As you progress, levels change from "easy" to "near-impossible". Naturally.

If you manage to make it through all 500+ levels, you can create your own using the in-game editor, and share your masterpieces with the rest of the world.

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