Here at Pocket Gamer, we're always thirsty for Angry Birds news - and our desire to keep on top of Rovio's releases wouldn't easily be quenched by news of an update for its latest game.

Imagine our delight, then, when we read that Angry Birds sodas - the ones that we learned about in November - will make their way over to the UK soon.

The Next Web caught up with Peter Vesterbacka at the Blackberry 10 launch event – where he was announcing the release of Angry Birds: Star Wars for that platform – and the discussion quickly turned to a chat about the global distribution model for Rovio's branded soft drinks. Naturally.

Pop the top

Initially released in Finland, Angry Birds sodas have since migrated to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and Russia.

Vesterbacka said that the sodas should come to the UK "over the next few months" , but that Rovio is considering a "market by market" launch when it finds the right distributors.

Currently, Angry Birds sodas are available in four flavours: Tropic (tropical fruit-flavor), Paradise (mandarin and pineapple), Lagoon (apple and pear), and Comet (orange and cola).

We'll certainly have our eyes peeled for these delicious, sugary beauties. Once we spot them on British shores, you can be sure that we’ll make good on our earlier promise to do a full hands-on review.

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